The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant is famous for their delicious one of a kind cheesecakes. They are selling online on their website for anywhere from $25 to $50. Why not make your favorite at home for a lot less. Read on to find out how to make these restaurant copycat recipes in your kitchen. The Cheesecake Factory Restaurant has some very creative items on the menu some of their most popular are their signature pasta dishes. Read on to find out how to make your favorite entrees at home.




Superfoods Menu at Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory Inc. is added a new “Superfoods” platform to its summer menu in August 2015, which company officials say will appeal to Millennials, as well as a broader demographic.

The Superfoods category will be small, and comes in addition to the chain’s successful “SkinnyLicious” offerings, which are lower in calories,

Superfoods dishes would include “nutrient-rich, high quality, powerhouse ingredients” like kale, blueberries, almonds, salmon and quinoa. The dishes will be listed in a separate section and also woven throughout the menu.

FALAFEL SALAD - Romaine Lettuce, Kale, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Feta Cheese and Pita Chips Tossed with Our Greek Yogurt-Lemon Dressing and Topped with Crispy Falafel.

CALIFORNIA GUACAMOLE SALAD - Mixed Greens, Avocado, Tomato, Corn, Black Beans, Onion, Radish, Crispy Tortillas, Feta Cheese and Cilantro Tossed with Mildly Spicy Avocado Dressing.

SUPER ANTIOXIDANT SALAD - A Delicious Blend of Salad Greens, Spinach, Kale, Avocado, Broccoli, Grapes, Roasted Pear, Blueberries, Onion, Sunflower Seeds and Almonds with Lemon-Blueberry Vinaigrette.

VEGAN COBB SALAD - Crisp Lettuce Topped with Grilled Asparagus, Green Beans, Roasted Beets, Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, Garbanzo Beans, Quinoa Almonds and Sunflower Seeds with House Vinaigrette.

KALE AND QUINOA SALAD - Lots of Tender Kale, Quinoa, Grapes, Sweet Red Pepper, Sunflower Seeds and Parmesan Cheese. Tossed with Our Lemon Vinaigrette. (See Sidebar for Copycat Recipe)

HARVEST CHICKEN SALAD - Farro, Chicken, Apple, Edamame, Green Beans, Cucumber, Quinoa and Tomato. Tossed with Chilled Greens, House Vinaigrette, Almonds and Parmesan. (See Sidebar for Copycat Recipe)

ALMOND CRUSTED SALMON SALAD - Pan Seared and Served Over Kale, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Arugula, Avocado, Quinoa, Cranberries and Radishes. Tossed with a Vinaigrette.

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